Woven and knitted fabrics dispersing agents:

Dispersants are designed to prevent the dispersed molecules from aggregating into larger groups (macro-aggregates), which tend to fall under the influence of their own weight. The role of the dispersing agent is to absorb the dispersed particles and to prevent them from being attracted to each other.

Our offer includes polyester dispersing products. These agents are characterized by extremely high dispersion stability in the entire temperature range, excellent dispersing power of disperse dyes, very good leveling effect, which allows no additional leveling agents to be used, they do not affect the final shade, high dispersion effect even in the case of extremely high turbulence of the bath , are easily biodegradable, are environmentally friendly because they are based mainly on derived renewable raw materials.

Woven and knitted fabrics dispersing agents help in the proper preparation of the dye and dyeing processes

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  • Woven and knitted fabrics dispersing agents