Detergents for fabrics and knitwear:

We offer a wide range of products for all types of fabrics and for PET recycling processes. Good emulsifying power, low foaming and suitable for alkaline washing.

Our agents are characterized by excellent dispersion properties, are suitable for high pH, do not contain APEO, have a high wetting power, have an outstanding power to emulsify mineral oils and paraffin, support degreasing processes, increase the whiteness and wettability of cotton products, do not contain silicones, are low foaming , they prevent the formation of wrinkles, are free of nitrogen, phosphorus and solvents

They have the following certificates: BlueSign, GOTS 6.0

Detergents for fabrics and knitwear washing agents, help to remove the impurities deposited on the fiber.

  • Detergents for fabrics and knitwear