Hydrophilic agents for woven and knitted fabrics:

Hydrophilic agents compensate for the lower water and moisture absorption capacity of synthetic fiber materials. These measures make the fabric more pleasant to contact with the skin and facilitate evaporation from a larger area of the fabric.

Our offer includes hydrophilic agents for textiles made of all types of fibers. Our products are ideal for finishing textiles that are supposed to absorb water, giving them great softness and volume. They are also perfect for terry cloth, tablecloths, upholstery fabrics or sports clothing.

Thanks to our funds, it is possible to obtain a so-called coating. “Aqua Clean” prevents the penetration of solvents into the fabric. It protects against the penetration of water, oil, coffee and wine.

Hydrophilic agents for woven and knitted fabrics they increase the ability to absorb moisture, give a pleasant grip and have an anti-static effect

  •  Hydrophilic agents for woven and knitted fabrics